Background to the Proposals

The Hamptons comprises a series of residential villages offering facilities for all its residents to enjoy, including shops, community facilities and schools. 

It provides a high-quality living environment within a vibrant community close to Peterborough’s City Centre. Anchor Hanover is looking to complement this and allow the attributes of The Hamptons to be enjoyed by the older population by bringing forward a specialist scheme designed specifically for older people. The proposed development will bolster assisted living provision within The Hamptons and compliment the assisted living development at St Edmunds Court (provided by Housing21), which is currently at capacity.

The Proposals

The undeveloped site to the south of the Serpentine Green shopping centre will be transformed into a new quality building, containing 1 and 2 bedroom flats, designed specifically for older people, including facilities such as a bistro and treatment room. The units will be in the affordable tenure, providing accommodation on a shared-ownership and rental basis. 

The current proposals include:

80 one-bed and two-bed apartments across a 4-storey apartment building with car parking.

Bistro; lounges and treatment room for residents.

Attractive landscaped grounds for residents, managed in perpetuity by Anchor Hanover.

The site is in a perfect location for Anchor Hanover residents, being within a short walk of shopping and other community facilities; as well as public transport links.

The occupation of the units will be age restricted.

More detailed information about the project is contained within the other tabs/pages.

Anchor Hanover is committed to community engagement and wants to ensure this project leaves a positive and lasting impact on the people of The Hamptons. The organisation is currently in pre-application discussions with Peterborough City Council, who have commented on initial design ideas. We now want to welcome and hear your views too! 

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